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The Thrill Of Sex With Stranger

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Having Sex With Strangers Is Nothing New

Of course having sex with strangers is nothing new under the sun, but I remember back in the days when I had to rely on women in my social circles to get laid. It was the thing to do and I used to feel more comfortable getting laid with someone I knew rather than having to chat with strangers. That is probably because the strangers I met were in bars and nightclubs and I didn't get to talk to them much with all the alcohol and the loud music. Adult sex dating changed all of that, I am now able to meet with new people as we get to talk to each other online before we meet up; which puts me more at ease. Effectively, they are 'strangers with benefits'!

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Random Sex Chat & Dating Has Exploded In The Last 6 Months

I've noticed that stranger sex seems to be more of a thing now than even a few months ago. I don't know if it's just that time of the year or whether people are just really starting to take a huge fondness to sex with strangers, but my profile seems to be receiving more messages than ever before. Maybe people are starting to understand that you don't need to know the person you're going to have sex with; well not too much anyway. You just need to know enough that they will provide you a good and safe time and when you realise that, you are heading towards great, enjoyable and uncomplicated sex!

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How To Stay Anonymous In Online Dating

When it comes to online dating, there are a lot of details that your partners do not need to know about you. They just want to know enough to make sure they will have fun with you; so there is nothing wrong with anonymous sex. After all, women and men who are happy to have random sex with strangers understand that discretion is an essential aspect of having a good time as they don't want to regret or fear that they will be 'caught out' in the future. No one loves having their dirty laundry aired in public and that is why online adult dating is great: it allows you to have the best time whilst not having to expose all your details to people you don't really know so well!

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