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There used to be a time when I felt like bragging about my sexual exploits; and I guess this is a phase we go through when we are younger. But this is adult dating, the land of the grown-ups! Before adult dating websites where available, people could see me walking out of the pub or nightclub with a lady so it was easy for people to figure out who was sleeping with who. Thanks to adult dating, that is no longer the case, and secret dating is now part of my day-to day-life. It's not that I feel ashamed (quite the opposite actually), but I respect my partner's need for privacy. After all, people can still be a bit judgemental about sex and no one likes their dirty laundry to be aired in public.

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How To Keep Your Relationships Confidential

Adult dating is simple and keeping it discreet will keep it that way. After all, why complicate things by adding other people to the equation? Having a discreet encounter makes it feel that much naughtier, and the naughtier the better! Sex doesn't always have to be a secret but adult dating helping keeping things confidential definitely means we are more likely to hook-up with that person again. People cannot access your online dating profile as it is password protected, so discreet dating is relatively easy to achieve. Of course some people you know might be able to find you if you are using the same dating site but then they are as 'guilty' as you are!

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How Mobile Is Changing The Dating Game

Even though I prefer using my laptop, there are definitely advantages to using my smartphone when it comes to adult dating. I was traveling last week for a conference and I couldn't take my computer with me. After the conference, I was stuck by myself in a hotel room. I checked my emails using my discreet dating app and I saw that this lovely girl messaged me about hooking up in a town close by. She accepted travelling to see me so we had a few drinks downstairs at the hotel bar and then made the most of that expensive room. I can't think of anything more convenient than that; it was as easy as ordering room service!

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