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Picture this; you've had a great day either fishing, out with the lads, shopping - whichever you prefer to do in your spare time. What could top your day off? Meeting up for sex, that's what! I found myself walking into an empty flat on so many occasions, and constantly craving the same thing; some no-strings, sexy fun that puts the icing on the cake of a brilliant day. OK, so sometimes it's easy to log on and watch porn, but where is the fun in getting friendly with yourself, when you can get friendly with a gorgeous woman? If you have the urge tonight, then you can satisfy your urge tonight! Once your profile is live, you can message who you want, when you want and find those women who are as game for a quickie as you. No sweet talk, no cheesy flowers, just 100% pure fun as and when you want it. There is nothing more exciting than getting a message in the morning and meeting up in the night - I love getting a naughty notification and knowing that I'm in for a good time!

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Sex meet ups are on the rise because we are no longer scared to be straight and upfront about what we are looking for; life is too short to mince our words and why should we? There are plenty of people out there who are looking for the same thing, and this site directs us all to the same place, making it easier to meet each other and get together for those casual quick fucks that come from a straightforward sex meet up. This site allowed me to find women who wanted to give me that, and after sending a few messages out, I was soon rolling around with a gorgeous babe who was as into local casual sex as I was. Perfect!

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It's true - it really has never been this easy. We men are lucky these days that women feel comfortable enough to meet us for exactly what we are looking for, too. It's no longer a taboo to meet someone just for sex and the liberating aspect means that both men and women enjoy it. By having this site, the process is even simpler and it's literally a case of messaging, arranging a place, and enjoying yourselves once you get together.

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